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Property Flagging

My brother and I are the Power of Attorneys for our mother who is 88 years old now living in an extended care home.

We decided to sell the family property purchased way back in 1949 in order to provide funds for her care and medical expenses.

The property taxes are being deferred and the maintance of the house and yard work are falling behind. About 7/8 of an acre.

We have an accepted offer on the table with a feasibility study as one of the subjects. We now have learned that the property has been Flagged by the City of Surrey for a Future Road. The City is unable to tell us when this road will be built.

Of course this has effectively blocked the sale. We gave the City the opportunity to purchase the property for the same amount but have been turned down.

I can add more to the story but we have been trying to get someone to answer a simple question:

Where does it say that a Local Government can Legally Flag or Tag or Hold a piece of Private Property without a timeline of completion or intention of purchasing this property. Where by this Flagging of the property impounds it and renders it useless and unmarketable at current market values.

Any comments are welcome
Roger Anderson