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Re: Re: The government taketh away

Thank you for your response Ralph.
The main thing necessary to the awakening of the population is to provide them knowledge of the truth.
Your comment relating to "of the people, for the people" is American terminology, although it doesn't apply there either. The key is in the proper interpretation of the language they use in their copyright protected (private) statutes. The majority of the population has fallen right into their hands by their lazy acts of assumption and presumption. People simply assume they know the correct meaning of words and terms used in those statutes, I assure you they do not. The "Interpretation" sections present in every statute apply meanings to words that are completely opposite to the meaning held on the street. This is part of their "mirror-image" world they have created and is successful because of their use of one of the most commonly mis-used and confused words of English in most of the definitions provided. That word is "includes". Two other very dangerous words that people commonly rely upon are "person" and "citizen", as you have relied upon, in spite of your own statement: "words can be powerful swords", oh yeah, way more powerful than you can imagine. Their "words" have created and maintained a system of slavery unlike anything in the history of the planet. Know this, in all so-called "law", the term "person" means "a corporation". The legal definition of "citizen" is: "one who owes allegiance to the State (*note capital "S"-means "corporate sense" not geographic area)and is guaranteed certain rights." This refers only to the so-called "Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms", which is lacking in at least one extremely area in relation to Natural Human Rights, the Right to "one's own property". Your referring to yourself as a "Natural-Born Person" is fairly risky simple because of your use of the term "person". Safer-"natural man" or "naturally created man". This because their statutes do not use the terms "man" or "woman". Perhaps you would be willing to contact me directly at so that we could more easily communicate and get you (and hopefully your friends and relatives) on the path to freedom.
David Butterfield

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Replying to:

I was quite interested in your letter in the "Northeast News", dated Sept. 10 / 08. I also subscribe to the tenet that I am not an office and therefore am a "Natural-Born Person" and should not be subjected to income taxes, let alone horrendous fuel taxes, carbon taxes etc. etc.

Your research has disclosed another of the governments greedy policies and procedures.

My question therefore is ... how do we as common citizens stop these process'? Governments are given far too much power, they do so by creating offices for this and offices for that ad infinitum. Whatever happened to..."Of the people, for the people"? Seems to me it has changed to " Of the government, for the government" !!

If I can help in some way please let me know, words can be powerful swords, people such as yourself are appreciated by many of us Natural born persons, so let me know where I can expostulate .....and I will!!

Kind regards,

Ralph Bradshaw F.S.J.