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registered instruments

Is there a requirement to register on a deed a road?We have a former forced road that was never established by by-law it was a forced road that was never recorded or compensated for.A neighbour (hired) a land surveyor who found a survey made by Anthony Swalwell in 1812 refering to a road starting in bytown and going through to l'orignal.I have researched this evidence online in the journals of the legislative assembly of canada I found that this was one of many different routes and it was no chosen at that time because it would have nesecitated a new bridge across the nation river which was not in the budget then.They were told to use the existing bridges after a petition to the legislature whereby there were some local people who just wanted a road put in.It is a forced road and the surveyor represented it as a quarter session road to con the municipal council to sell it to his client.The section of road in question was bypassed in 1964 and has not been maintained since and as the registered owners we have been growing crops on it since.Now the municipality have decided to attempt to sell it to our neighbour on the evidence of his land surveyor's opinion.