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This is a forum to discuss issues of interest concerning education, entrepreneurship, African American life, American life, and anything else that might be productive to generate positive energy. All thoughts are welcome, but no sniping or flaming!

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Sly Racism

Going to start this forum with some topics that I would like to discuss. I have seen several instances of very qualified minority firms or employees being passed over time and time again. In many cases, they do find qualified candidates, but then I will see these same firms publish in their corporate literature their desire to create and promote a diverse workforce. I think that often when the person in the decision making seat looking at a "diverse candidate" they are really thinking, I might have to interact with this person, and I really do not have anything in common with them, and that will make me have to think a lot more...hmmmm. And then the people that look like him (sexist, but it ususally is a "white him" making the ultimate decision in positions of consequence...) show up and he says "whew, I'll get them. They will fit into the status quo just fine.

Meanwhile, we go home, knowing that we have made a good presentation, an honest and fair bid for our services, and daydream about the line of bull that we just got until we get the "we selected another firm/candidate" letter. Now is it just me, or is this familiar?

Re: Sly Racism - by Sharol - Jul 11, 2001 4:08pm
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