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Norden Bombardier needed ASAP

Hello everyone,

This request is just a bit out of the ordinary but: I need a bombardier who can still run a Norden bomb sight. I am working with a group doing a PBS series on the development of Warplanes from WWI through present day. I am working on the WWII segment specifically about the bomb sight and other armament systems. I am going to fly our B-25, and along with a working Norden and bombardier, drop practice bombs from 5000 feet AGL. We will be doing this on a military bombing range under their supervision and participation. I had a veteran bombardier who I have worked with in the past who was going to use the sight but he is now unavailable. Do you know a bombardier who might be up for the task? He needs to be in good health and needs to be able to crawl into the nose of the B-25 and work the Norden. I will be able to supply a working Norden on the ground for recurrency and familiarization. But I need someone who is sharp and capable of this task. I prefer a veteran and someone who comes across well in an interview as they will be a pivotal part of this television series that will be seen around the world.

Our bombardier needs to be able to get to Stockton, California via Sacramento, Oakland or San Jose Airports by May 30th and we will be flying to the range on June 1st through June 3rd. We will be dropping up to 10 100 pound Mark 15 practice bombs on individual runs with several dry runs for practice.

If you know anyone who might be interested and capable, please have them get in contact with me as soon as possible.



Taigh Ramey
Proprietor, Vintage Aircraft
7432 C.E.Dixon Street
Stockton, California 95206
(209) 982-0273

Re: Norden Bombardier needed ASAP

Hi Taigh,

Just to confirm, I accept your offer to let me be your bombardier in dropping practice bombs over the Fallon Naval Air Station's range. I am really looking forward to it as Fallon was my hometown.
I know your previous mission made the local press and this will be even more exciting for my high school friends who still live there.

I plan on leaving early Sunday morning. Let me know when and where I should meet up with you. Will be bringing my Norden bombsight demonstrator in my 1978 Ford Fairmont station wagon.

Keep 'em flying, Bill Blair