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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Tribute to a Fallen Hero

On July 6th VO-67 lost a true champion of VO-67 and it's combat aircrewmen. CAPT Melvin Ray Schultz, USN RET, passed in his sleep. CAPT Schultz was instrumental in the success of the Enlisted Combat Air Crew Roll of Honor at Patriots Point, SC. At present, VO-67 has five enlisted men that have been inducted into the ROH. His vision for all enlisted combat aircrewmen to be honored for their contributions will live on in all of us who have been inducted into the ROH.

Re: Tribute to a Fallen Hero

Capt Schultz, A true Hero indeed, he will be missed by those that knew him, as an enlisted Gunner flying in SB2C aircraft he was on the first Navy strikes from from carriers over Japan, although wounded on his first mission he continued firing his twin 30 cal MGs at attacking Zeros, he later became a Navy Chaplain and is the only chaplain to wear COMBAT AIRCREW WINGS from WW 11. HE praised VO 67 orally and in written articles in the Wings of Gold Magazine.
TO carry on his legacy as head of the ROLL OF HONOR we need to have more Enlisted Crewmen come forward to be nominated for this Prestigious Honor, Contact Kerry Bignall for details.