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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Fallen VO-67 Shipmate PH1 Emmett Murphy USN (Ret)

31 August 2005.......Dear VO-67

I sadly report the passing of PH1 Emmett Murphy USN (Ret) [PH3 VO-67], here in Salem OR. Emmett's valiant fight against cancer and liver failure ended early this morning at his home with his family at his side. Emmett's desires were to be cremated and services are pending at this time.

His wife, Quonita, and his son Robert, can be reached at: 503-391-5963 and . Mailing address is: 4849 San Francisco Dr. NE, Unit #7, Salem OR. 97305-2688.

I met Emmett and Quonita when I moved to Salem in January and we talked about his experiences in VO-67... I was in Udorn RTAFB late 1967 with Project Muddy Hill, also a highly classified USN project, and had flown with Lefty Nordhill in VP-4, so we had similar things to discuss. He was awaiting bone marrow treatment for his cancer in Portland, but that never occurred.

Emmett filed a VA claim (Agent Orange association) for disabiliity earlier this year but it was denied as he 'Did not serve in-country South Vietnam'. I am now assisting his family to file an appeal to his claim based on his service at NKP, a known location where Agent Orange was dispensed, and also for his aircrew service as a gunner in the uppressurized OP2E after station environment during low-level flight operations! This appeal is significantly important so that his widow can receive the VA DIC benefit she deserves!

If any of his shipmates have been treated with medical illnesses recognized to be associated with Agent Orange (Diabetes/Cancer) and/or have filed any claim with the VA, or have information/references to such claims being filed on conjunction with ground or air service in/around NKP RTAFB, PEASE contact me immediately: LCDR Robert Zafran USN (Ret), 4011 Alderbrook Avenue SE, Salem OR 97302-3819...503-540-5691...

Additionally, I know that Emmett's residual medical expenses have mounted, and suspect that his family will be burdened with this inheritance. I believe a Trust Fund in his honor is applicable, but I will determine his family's wishes before taking any action.

I will keep you informed of any further news. Sadly, Bob Zafran