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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Recovery mission Laos 2001

I was the photographer for the recovery mission in Laos 2001. I am living in Tampa, FL and was wondering if any members from the squadron are living in this area. I would like to meet some of them if possible.
That recovery mission was my first, best, and toughest.
Stacey Lanning

Re: Recovery mission Laos 2001

Greetings Stacey,

Thanks so much for visiting our web site. I am very familiar with you as we have some of the video that you and others made on your way up the mountain. I have watched this video many times and it was also shown at our reunion this last July in the archives area. Your video is a permanent part of the VO-67 Archives. We are very proud of you all for your courage and commitment to bring home our heroes. The promise that no one be left behind is very important to all in the military.
I will post your message to the VO-67 e-mail list. Please send me your snail mail address back channel . I would like to send you a squadron patch for your keepsakes.

Bob Reynolds
Crew-5 Roadrunner
VO-67 Association President