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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Message From Lt Col Ken Pipes USMC Ret

Subj: Regrets; Deepy Sorry that I will not be able to Attend the PUC Ceremony

I am deeply sorry that I will not have the pleasure of attending the Unit Gathering when all the Members are Awarded the well deserved and long awaited Presidential Unit Citation. I think of three things that signify VO-67; Heroism, Patience and Perseverance!

Heroism because all members of your unit were willing to, and many did, give their lives to protect and save the lives of their Brothers on the ground. I know, first hand, that all that stood between us and the enemy was the support of the Brethren that flew the B-52's, the fast movers, long ranged artillery and, the one unit none of us could have done without, VO-67! The cascade of bombs and artillery, began and ended with the intelligence provided by your Brave and Heroic Unit, on the ground and in the air.

Patience, as you stayed in the eye of the storm to ensure that your invaluable mission would be good and faithfully accomplished; often in the face of heavy Antiaircraft Arty Fire; so that the vital intelligence picture that your mission gathered could be quickly and accurately used against our common enemy.

Perseverance, because--as the professionals that you are, you marshaled your forces (case) and in the face of great odds, held fast, left nothing to chance as you all with care and diligence, did all you could do to ensure that VO-67 received their long, hard earned and rightful recognition of the individual courage shown by all members of your now famous Squadron.

At Khe Sanh, as else where in RVN, many more of our Marines, Soldiers and Airmen would not have returned home had it not been for what you did and how well you accomplished the Mission! You all were truly, "The Alpha and Omega," the beginning and the end of the battle. So my Brave and Heroic Companions at Arms, we that were on that now Hallowed Ground, Salute you, one and all, on this most auspicious day; a day that has been, tragically, too long in coming.

You have our undying gratitude and thanks! Congratulations and Well Done!

From the Marines of Bravo Company, First Battalion, 26th Regiment of Marines
Khe Sanh Republic of Vietnam
TET, 1967/1968!

Re: Message From Lt Col Ken Pipes USMC Ret

My ability to put words together to appreciate what you said can not get even close to how I feel.

All I can say is that I, personally, can only say Thank You.