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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Enlisted Combat Roll of Honor Inductions

It is our pleasure to announce to you that several of our enlisted members will be inducted into the “Enlisted Combat Roll of Honor” aboard the USS Yorktown museum in Charleston South Carolina on November 3-4, 2010. As you may know, induction to the roll is of the highest degree of honor for both Navy and Marine enlisted aircrew members from all wars including WW-II, Korea, Vietnam and the current Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. What is most rewarding is that all eleven of our KIA VO-67 brothers will be inducted. We have not been able to contact all the next of kin yet but will do so this week. I am in hopes that all the KIA’s will have a family member aboard the Yorktown to experience this most inspirational ceremony. If a family member cannot attend or if no family member can be found we will seek a VO-67 representative to stand in at the induction ceremony and receive that member’s plaque. The names of all inductees will be placed on a special honor wall aboard the USS Yorktown for all time. It was said many times that getting our KIA members inducted would never happen. VO-67 once again proved the critics wrong and got the job done. Much thanks to all the OPC's who nominated these men to the roll.

OUR Most Honored VO-67 KIA’ S:

ADJ-2 Donald Thorensen AO-2 Michael Roberts PH-2 Kenneth Widon

AE-2 Richard Mancini ATN-3 Gale Siow ADJ-2 Chester Coons

AT-1 Paul Donato AEAN James Martin ADJAN Frank Dawson

AO-3 Clayborn Ashby ATN-2 John Hartzheim

We also have ten living and one recently deceased member who have been chosen for induction.

Recently deceased member: ADR-2 Parnell Jones

Others: AX-1 Raymond Braley ADR-2 Frank Townsend

ATN-3 Richard DeCuir AE-2 Kenneth Dwelle

AE-1 Michael Walker ATN-3 Robert Reynolds

ATR-2 David Steffy ADJ-3 Robert Jacobs

AOC William Grayson AX-2 Joseph Teodorczyk

Much thanks to Bill Rutledge and Lee Hicks from Hal-3 for guidance and encouragement to get the extensive paperwork done to preset to the ROH board. All of the Hal-3 KIA's will also be so honored. It is my hope that if the inductions open up in the future that other deserving VO-67 aircrew will apply.

Re: Enlisted Combat Roll of Honor Inductions

Note: The ROH Induction has been changed to November 4-5 2010. If you would like to attend as a guest in honor of a shipmate contact me.

Bob R.