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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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SEA Loran C

We moored our boat next to Terry Browne yesterday and talked on the dock. He pointed me to this site. I was an USCG ET and construction crew member for the SEA LORAN C master station at Sattahip, Thailand in the summer of 1966. It was nice to learn about another user of the NAV signals we transmitted. We too were send on a secret mission to construct the stations and operate them for the first year, and I did not receive my Vietnam War Service Medal until I wrote the Coast Guard in 1986.

There is a lot of info on the Loran stations at

Select Sattahip, Lampang, Conson or the monitor at Udorn along the left side.

I would love to hear about your Loran C use.

Thailand was pretty woolly in 66. U-Tapao was just getting started with 200 Red Horse Construction personnel.

Chris Dailey Former ET1 USCG 1965-1969

Thanks for your service!

(In the last three years I have found 12 other of the 28 man crew, plus records of 6 that have cross the bar)