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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Memorial Day 2024

"Five Hundred Days of VO-67"

Soon time will erase memories of all who know the story
Of what Sky Sailors did in Laos, with undaunted glory
VC gunners found it easy to send some to heaven
Twenty were lost from VO-Sixty-Seven

The Screaming Green Neptune's flew steadily on
In search of the trucks and supplies for the Cong
Laying their buoys in a perfect straight line
Making history in warfare, the first of it's kind

Tracers looked like ribbons, ablaze in the sky
But not one brave crew member thought he would die
Alas, fate is the hunter, and to some made a call
They gave as much as they could, some gave it all

Remember the Phantoms, how they stood on their tails
They tried to protect us with the help of the Nails
Sandy's and Jolly's were scattered about
In case they were needed to get our butts out

The buzz of the mini guns expending their load
jets roaring, wings flexing, were bugging the road
Red earth below us, bad guys running round
The buoys are talking, what a beautiful sound

For five hundred days VO-Sixty-Seven made history
Why their tale was not told still remains a big mystery
Just memories and brotherhood is all that remain
When they faced the guns in those Screaming Green planes

Those Special Green Neptune's are all gone from this earth
But the men who flew in them are aware of their worth
They took them to places that young boys do dream
But the realities of war aren't as clear as they seem

Old men together after all the long years
Laughing and hugging and shedding some tears
Was it all worth it, did they do any good
Did some die for nothing, they did the best that we could

We honor our heroes in those screaming green planes
Etched in our memory and souls are their names
I know it was worth it, the things that they did
It saved many soldiers, to come home to their kids

Bob Reynolds - 2001

In Memory of the crews of VO-67,
lost in combat 1968, Laos

Re: Memorial Day 2024

I hope there will be a day, when a book with all of your tributes is available for future kin of VO67 to read.