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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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Hi guys. Just wanted to say that i loved both gigs ( massive round trip!!)...the sound was poor to say the least on some tracks, but overall it was awesome! Gary saying " I'm a f**king Dad" was priceless!
If you wanna hear exclusive live tracks from the Astoria gig, then they are available for download at our site SACRIFICE. We have The Aircrash Bureau, Complex and My Breathing, all excellent quality.
Jim Napier hooked up with me last Monday, and in the evening, we had one of our chat room DJ sessions where Jim and myself DJ'd and played the first public airing of The Aircrash went down a treat! Jim is a top bloke, and we had a blast. Looking forward to going over to stay with him, i hope, sometime next year.
I loved the gigs and, apart from a few technical difficulties, was blown away by them.


Re: Giggs!

Giggs is a prize c#nt