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new Numan remix

Oi Oi Numanoids! heard the new Drum and Bass track rocking the underground clubs in the UK

At the moment it is only available on white label and is titled "EASTLANDS" BY NUMAN VS BARROW.

It has dark brooding lyrics by Gary about an alien he is talking to in a park with crashing dub plates mixed over by young UK junglist DJ Ernie Barrow

Is this a remix of an old Numan track or is it a complete original - please help

Re: new Numan remix

No way !! We've heard nothing of this here. Are you sure it is THE Gary Numan ? Last thing he told us was he was having a sabatical and NO new releases would be made for some time yet.

Re: new Numan remix

Not sure its a Numan release?


Re: new Numan remix

It is NOT a Numan release. I have spoken with a supplier and he has direct contact with Gary. He will ask him later today to know for sure. There is the Gary Newman who is like a tribute act but an official tribute act. Probably it is him. He is good and sounds authentic.

Re: new Numan remix

a buddy of mine in the music import business say's it's a FAKE by a guy called "MC hudds bill" from northern england, just outside london. he's got a reputation on the gay club scene for happy house releases and often samples 80's electronica legends - his trademark is abusing the workings of good young lads who don't realise what he's doing 'til it's too late. I'd suggest to gary he get's his back to the wall and keep this fraudster away from his back catalogue, otherwise he'll end up being sore.

The sounds are Grate

You'll be listening to this record time and again and marvelling that you didn't know of him before. "Eastlands" is only a taster of what he's recording now rather than just for what he was doing in 1979-80, you'll find ample evidence of an artist who has managed to evolve while keeping all that you first loved about him in the mix. I was listening to "Holts on the Blue Moon" (a new Numan remix) by Gary in a Manchester Club last night

exclusive lyrics

I have been emailed this lyrics by a source very close to Gary, this song is phenominal please do not distribute as official release apparantly is Summer 2004.....I'm so excited at this


The sun has finally cried morning
My destiny awaits
I meet the machine at the City gates

We stroll through mist
To where we hope to be
I know there is no god
Just Mary D

In Eastlands my only home
In Eastlands you saw me standing alone

We talk of things I have yet to say
Dreams which will become
My heart my mind my face is numb

We stroll through mist
To where we hope to be
I know there is no god
so pray for me

In Eastlands my only home
In Eastlands you saw me standing alone
(Repeat to fade)

Gary Numan remix conundrum

There are several club style remixes out here in the UK using Gary's great lyrics and thoughts.
One is by remix specialist ERNIE BARROW. He's put the words from the early 80s book - Numan by Computer (Fred & Judy Vermorel) to a Scissors Sisters stripped down backing track - Electrobix - with bits of Are Friends Electric
The words are :

I wouldn't fancy spending a night in an unlit graveyard and meeting Christopher Lee for hot cocoa. That guy really sends shivers down my spine.

It's been getting a lot of play on a pirate station out here in England - M147WN

It is a fantastic track though and worth er tracking down...

I can't wait to hear this track

the lyrics alone are amazing confirming what a genius Gary still is.

A UK friend of mine has texted me to confirm it is DEFINATELY Gary and the lyrics are very haunting there seem to be references to other either a past love (Mary D?)or a deceased friend and I think the Eastlands reference is kinda like a ying to the yang of Outlands

"The Sun has finally cried morning" updates another Numan song which I'm so excited I can't remember off hand

anyway do we have any idea if there is an announcement for an official release other than Summer 2004?

Who is Ernie Barrow I have checked on google but can't find reference to previous work

Re: new Numan remix

Is this for real ? I'm so excited to think a new track might soon be available. Please feel free to email me to discuss this, I'm in the music industry and may be able to arrange an interview with one of you 'insiders'. You can get me at (Spam filter included here) Racf AT

Re: new Numan remix Eastlands

This is great news. I am sure I heard this track last week in a club near Walsall, it was stunning & did not realise at time it was defo Numan but sounded great.
Cant wait for realese.

Mary D

kinda curious about Mary D looked in Yahoo and found her to be victim from 9/11/01 twin towers

now this is spooky

Do you think Gary is talking from a 3rd person perspective on meeting a lost relative?

Or is it a parallel to dying

Re: new Numan remix

I've checked this out - apparently this record is getting a lot of play in the Millenium Suite in Manchester. This venue has a reputation for avant garde entertainment, and the DJs often get their hands on records pre-release.

Re: new Numan remix

It is indeed true, how you people know that i came in gay clubs i do not know. This was a sample track that i made with C - Men who know my tastes and wants. Following this taste I am expecting my thing to grow and grow and hopefully this will explode into something big and dark !

Re: new Numan remix

can anyone confirm if this is the track I think it is? any collaboration between gary, DJ ernie barrow & MC hudds bill seems unlikely, but would be greeted with much enthusiasm here in these parts! I'm in touch with an industry friend who's looking into it right now.

I'll Get You fookers!

Touch my site again and you lot are dead!

Re: new Numan remix

nubes, me and Ernie barrow are collabaration to bring the music of C men - to whole new parts. Eastlands will be the scene of our finest release. expect this tro be a hot topic for months to cum.

In fact - once the concert dates are announced - exepct even more releases to follow

Re: new Numan remix

does anyone know where i can download this mix from. its the daughters birthday toady and she'd love it.

Re: new Numan remix

I could down my load into yours if you like.

your daughter might prefer mc dougalis

Re: new Numan remix

mc douglist best stay away from her shes only 11.

Re: new Numan remix

I as eard it an is bangin man!. Massive tune in Manny.

Re: new Numan remix

this is not true I can't find a link anywhere none of my friends in Europe have heard anything either

please send me a link

Re: new Numan remix

like OMG I just got the track on soulseek.. was sooooo hard to find, but well worth tracking it down..

it brought tears to my eyes.. by far the best track by gary... ever! FACT!!

way to go guys.. I can't thank ya'll enough

hey.. gr0wler.. whats your ASL? wanna chat 'gary' and 'stuff' via email?

Re: new Numan remix

It's a well massive tune and I've been bangin all night to it. The official release will be awesome.

Re: new Numan remix

been given a promo from a mate in New South Wales who has been touring the UK....Ive played it a couple of times and it is very good.. a totally new direction

there seems to be a few cranks on here trying to upset the apple cart about this

Numanoid parania I put It down to

Re: new Numan remix

Hi from Brussells!!

I have making enquires with a collegue of mine in Brighton England who works at Skint Records he had a promo sent to him called Eastlands which he will be leting me have Cool!

He say Gary is not his scene but like the news sound though

Re: new Numan remix

Anyone think when listening to "Eastlands" you find elements of the epic 'a prayer for the unborn'in the mixing?

I have listened to the 12" on my head phones none stop for the past 8 hours my mouth open in disbelief while watching the remake of TRON on DVD with the sound turned off (try it it's cool)drinking Jack Daniels and I am frankly amazed at the new direction.

Both sides are nothing like anything on "Pure" aside from the elements of "prayer" but this is on the Trent Reznor mix which as you can imagine is suitably dark

Rumours I am getting is this is limited to 200 promos only and Gary is finding it hard to get the backing for an official release - can anyone shed any light on this

Re: new Numan remix

will gary be coming to columbia on tour?