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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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New release imminent?

Just got a call on my cell phone from a buddy in ENgland. Looks like Gary's gone club-style in a big way. Anyone else hear anything?

Re: New release imminent?

That's right - due out next monday on the 'King Gio' label.

Just heard it over here toady aswell

Personally think it's crap but it seems to have all these Part Time Happy Clapping Numan fans happy

Where were they all in the 90's I ask you

Re: New release imminent?

FANTASTIC NEWS! ****in' Dancer even!

good work swear filter!

f#cking good work

hey irish

i suppose you are going to say you were there in '92 when there were only 3,000 for his gig in glossop are you?

Re: New release imminent?

Oh my God!!! I have wanted Gary to release something for yearsFresh releases from Gary are very rare, I can't wait for his fresh release to land on my lap.