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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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Who Are You Guys?

I have been checking this website since last year and its not been this busy? Are any of you buddie's from here in the states, I am from Philly.

Anyway would like to know how you first heard of 'Eastlands', and why no download yet? Please Please I want to listen to it.

Email me, anything the links!

Thank You

titanic promotions

pretty sure they can help you out. they are the ones leaking it.

but i didn't tell you that! if they want a name tell them "reg"

I'm in Des Moines. My name is Dan.

my name is Dan and I've had TWO calls from the UK today telling me about this new Eastlands track. It's awesome, apparently and pundits over there are tipping it for HIT OF THE YEAR!

It's just been played on Six Music on the Beeb


Re: Who Are You Guys?

Hi I'm from Canada, this seems to be genuine breaking news on Gary's first release for pure time man!!!!!!!

just checked out New Wave Outpost and the news has reached there, seems genuine oh boy can't wait

Re: Who Are You Guys?


Could you email me please. I really think this maybe a wind-up, I have just been talking to Kurt who is looking at IP paterns.

If its true, then I will be emailing all the press agencies here in PA to try and get some more info.

Thank You