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Mystery Album Art

This is a slightly strange situation, but I was wondering if you, the wonderful fans of Gary Numan, could help me.

I listened to a Gary Numan CD quite a while ago- November, perhaps. I have since lost contact with the owner of the CD, and I don't remember much of the album, other than a bit of the album art and the fact that I really enjoyed the listening experience.

They photo I remember certainly wasn't the cover art, but there was a picture in the album art of Gary Numan in a red jumpsuit (I think). It might have been Gary Numan in a photo where he was surrounded by a lot of red things (and smoke?). The point is: I googled "Gary Numan" and every variation and combination of "red" "album" "art" and "jumpsuit" available, and looked through each of the 465 results: I just couldn't find any information about this album.

The point is: I'm rather desperate to find and purchase this album, and I would really appreciate it if anyone here knows what I am talking about and can help me.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help,

Re: Mystery Album Art

it's "Living Ornaments '81," in case anyone was wondering.