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Numan rarities! What do you have?

The Record Collector magazine article got me thinking about the rarities I own. What have you been able to score over the years? Among the bit and bobs I've scored is an Israeli pressing of the Telekon LP, a 1990 cassette of Outland direct from the master tape cut in real time at IRS' Precision Mastering in Los Angeles, and the 1977 compilation LP Live At The Roxy featuring the new band Mean Street. Ron Rutledge at Precision Mastering didn't care for the EQ mix of New Anger and hooked me up with a remastered edition. And I have the cassette of New Man Numan - The Best of Gary Numan. Is that a rarity or does everyone else have that one?

Re: Numan rarities! What do you have?

I have a large photo of Gary taken in 82 posing for a british newspaper photographer whilst wearing his Numanair T shirt.This is not the original but a print issued by the newspaper at around 1985.
It's a striking black and white photo, one that I believe to be in the category of most outstanding photos taken of Gary ever.

Re: Numan rarities! What do you have?

I used to have mint copies of every Italian and Japanese-release single up to and including Music for Chamelons, but lost them all in a house move!

Re: Numan rarities! What do you have?

I've got the US picture disk of AFE but mine comes with a letter to the US fans from either Gary or ATCO (I can't remember now) thanking them for the purchase of the single. There's a picture of Numan on the letter. It looks as though it was printed on a gestetner. Never seen another one like it.

Re: Numan rarities! What do you have?

I 've been collecting since 1979 and still ahve all my vinyl which can be foungd on NUREFERENCE website.

Rareties for me must be interesting, different to the UK released version, for example New Zealand Replicas gatefold sleeve which incorperates DITP 12 cover as the gatefold, there are 3 different colouring versions of this cover i have two, but all 3 are on the site.

Also Telekon/IDYD coloured vinyls i have most of them still needing the clear and white for Telekon and about 4 different colours for IDYD, Out iof those i have a blue marbled Telekon and a Blue/yellow marbled IDYD.

Again all the above can be seen on the website.