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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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First update from Australia! March 1, 2009!

Hello to the Numanoids of the World! Well I just touched down this morning in the land of diggeridoos, kangaroos and several other sundries that end in "oo".
February 28 didn't exist for me having crossed the International Date Line. I want my day back! Well I'll get it back when I fly back the end of March. It's a 16 hour time difference but a 13 hour flight so I'll literally get back 3 hours before I leave. Why try and be normal when there's THAT going on? Good thing we're Numan fans.
At customs I had to prove my tourist worth when I was asked to throw a boomerang around some dingos then (the hard part) catching it again. Luckily I passed the rigors and was subsequently upgraded to "tourist status".
I scored a room at the Brisbane Manor Hotel literally around the corner from Numan's show tomorrow night. The nice young lady at check-in said she saw Numan posters around town advertising the show. The metro dailies feature one page ads near the front advertising Numan's show, too. I get the feeling these shows will be something to remember.
I was happy to read Gary will be treating us to at least one song off "Dead Son Rising". I can uncross my fingers and toes now.
There is no preshow party planned for the show tomorrow night, however there has been murmurings of an impromptu aftershow party with all the fans celebrating Gary's return to Australia after being away since Cars hit #9 in the US in 1980.
It's been a blast prowling for Aussie pressings of Numan items in semi-hidden vintage record stores.
I haven't seen much of Australia yet only having been here 8 hours, but first impressions are that I feel like I'm in England except it's about 30 degrees warmer. Oh man, I haven't even tried that thing where the water drains the opposite way! Great, I have something to do tonight.
'Til the next update...

All the best and Numanishly,
Jim "The Machman" Napier
North American Gary Numan Fan Club

Re: First update from Australia! March 1, 2009!

Good to see you made it there safely Jim,i hope the show is great,as are all the shows,see if you can bag me a couple of posters advertising the tour .......... or anything,seeing as im not there (envy)