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Hey Jim - this is Ryan. Had the leather coat on.

Here's my summation:



Posting this in several places.

Let me be as concise as possible at the moment. I'm still so buzzed.

- Lined up. Saw Ade Fenton walk past and got him to sign my booklet Jagged CD booklet. "To Ryan - Ade Fenton".

- The entire show was professionally filmed, but I also recorded as much as could in HD up until Are 'Friends' Electric? when my battery ran out. I missed out on recording the four encore songs: We Are So Fragile, Pressure, Noise, Noise and I Can't Breathe.

- Gary's wife Gemma was sitting right below me, and I moved the camera down a few times so you could see her.

- I stuck around for over an hour to see Gary behind the Enmore theater. He didn't come out at first, but allowed security to take items in to be signed. I got him to sign my ticket, and the right side of the Jagged booklet (Ade did the left side).

- Gary then jumped in his car and waved goodbye, and we were all a bit ******* A new friend I made, however, heard someone say "see you at Q Bar!"

- My new friend, hey boyfriend and myself then went there, and I had a chat to the guitarist (Chris I think his name was) and he said he left so abruptly because they had to be out by a certain time.

- I then also found Ade Fenton, asked him for some pictures (which some friends took, I'll upload a bit later), and also got some pics with the guitarist. REALLY nice guys.

- I recorded the entire set, except for the encore, in HD video. Of course, the entire show will eventually be able to be watched in its entirety since it was filmed, but it will be nice to also see my other angles and so on. I also recorded the new song "The Fall" which I'll upload shortly.

That's all for now.

WHAT A ******* NIGHT!

Can't wait for Saturday's show!


Just charging my camera now. Like all the NIN HD vids I mentioned earlier at the NumanNE forum, they will take a while to upload, but totally worth it.

Here's what I remember off the top of my head:

In A Dark Place
Blind (Jagged Edge version)
The Fall
My Jesus
Down In The Park
A Prayer For The Unborn
Are 'Friends' Electric?


We Are So Fragile
Noise, Noise
I Can't Breathe


Here is the proper track list after just going through them:

Encore: We Are So Fragile, Pressure, Noise, Noise, I Can't Breathe

The Fall is 358 mb. I'll upload now and post the link tomorrow when it's done.


Sounds like a great show and good news that it was filmed,im looking forward to seeing your footage.


Hi Ryan,

Great review!! Sydney was a magic night all around. What a vibe that night. I'm really looking forward to seeing your footage as well. When I get back, I'll post around 100 pictures from the show as well as a couple of mp3s.

All the best!
Jim "The Machman" Napier


Wonderful to hear there was a new song and there will be some film of it! I've grown old, died, been reborn and raised several families whilst waiting for the Microsmusic DVD!
(a good lady has posted lots of fine footage from the Brisbane gig on youtube)


Hi Jim and the rest of the remaining 13 or thereabouts that waited backstage for Gary after the gig!
I'm the guy from Canberra who was with my girlfriend Sue.
Just wanted to say that it was great to meet you all after a brilliant Gary Numan gig ... my first in many, many years of waiting.
Catching up with all you fellow hardcore Numan fans and talking all things Gary, the odd joke here and there and discussions from astronomy to sharks made waiting around totally worthwhile!
Cheers and all the best to you all!


Hi Ryan
You mentioned in your post that you had taken most of the concert in HD and you would upload them. I'm new to this NAGNFC site (1st time today actually), have you posted the gig anywhere yet. Stuck here in the UK would loved to have been in Oz to see the master at work.


Hi Ryan,ive tried my hardest to download your videos from youtube but it doesnt want to let me,im very keen to obtain your footage,would you be up for a personal trade ? Jim will vouch for my trades.