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NAGNFC Report from the Road: Part Trois

Hello to the Numanoids of Sacrifice! Just got into Melbourne on the overnight train from Sydney. Didn't want to wake up Peter too early to pick me up to hang with him and Trish, so I'm here at an internet cafe answering the voluminous emails generated from the hundreds of NAGNFC business cards I've given away as souvenirs.
The Sydney show was truly something special. It was tres' cool meeting friends from Sacrifice, friends from the NAGNFC and of course, making all the new friends. Gary in Sydney was electricity personified. I hadn't seen him so happy to be anywhere since the Brighton Dome show, which had much the same large specifications.
NAGNFC reader Donald Pedder put me up in Sydney. Him, Paul and I showed up at the Enmore to see a huge NYC style billboard of Gary Numan right above the venue. I was dutifully impressed! There were only a couple of girls in the queue, so I bribed them with a CD of Gary's 1980 visit to Brisbane to hold a spot for us while we went to a nearby pub where I found a slick glossy poster of Numan's show on the wall that somehow ended up in my back pocket. Weird that.
Meeting up with friends old and new in the queue and at the show was way awesome. Far too many to mention here, but you all hold a special place in the Machman psyche.
I was geared up with electronics, but my usual trick to get past front door security was to flash a NAGNFC business card shouting "PRESIDENT OF THE FAN CLUB". For some reason, its worked so far.
The acoustics in the Enmore Theatre were brilliant. I realised what made Gary so happy and smiling throughout the performance near the end of the show when I finally turned around to see an two-tiered ocean of Aussie Numanoids with their arms in the air clapping and shouting for more.
As always, there were those who were dragged to the show only to become converted. Their lives will never be the same, as you dear reader, can attest.
As has become to tradition, the aftershow party was at a nearby McDonald's. The Australian beef tastes different to the States, not bad at all, just different.
Before I left Sydney, Donald and I wandered downtown to check out the Sydney Opera House and walk the Harbour Bridge. We stopped in a record shop where I found a 12" of Dumb Dan vs. Gary Numan called "Are Friends Electro". Only sounds slightly scary.
Kit, I'll be happy to save you a spot tonight in Melbourne. Wendy, I've seen it hundreds of times. Especially during the US Pure Tour. People get a taste of Numan, and subsequently give up their jobs and family just to follow the rest of the tour.
Thanks to Peter for the photos and videos. They are all excellent. And thanks for your kind hospitality while I'm here in Melbourne. If only I can one day repay the favour when you're in New York. Peter and I are helping set up a Red Cross donation bin at Numan's merch table this evening.
And thanks to David Banks for your offer to be my tour guide when I slide through Sydney next week.
Now to gear up for tonight's show. I'm told the people of Melbourne know how to rock and have a good time, so I'm looking forward to electricity all around at the Forum tonight.
"I'll just slide out of Sydney and will always come back."

All the best and Numanishly,
Jim "The Machman" Napier
North American Gary Numan Fan Club

Re: NAGNFC Report from the Road: Part Trois

It sounds like you're having a ball Jim,all seems to be going well for you and the Australian fans and it sounds like Numan is at the top of his game,i'll be in touch with you when you return to see if we can trade anything you may have aquired on your trip,good luck with the rest of your trip.

P.S. Ive posted the third installment of our trade,it should be there when you get home.

Re: NAGNFC Report from the Road: Part Trois

Thanks! So far I've been very lucky in the way of hospitality. This is such a laid back place. The shows have had a very casual vibe to them.

Sounds good with the trading! You'll be happy to know I've been scoring some great audio souvenirs down under for future trading fodder.


Re: NAGNFC Report from the Road: Part Trois

Great report. Brings it alive to me. Thanks Jim.