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Fourth NAGNFC Report From The Road: Melbourne

Hello to the Numanoids of the World! Jim "The Machman" Napier here in
Melbourne at the home of fellow Sacrificer Peter McGuffie. Last night's show
was completely sold out and the vibe was incredible. It is a shame that this was
the last all-Numan show as Gary and the band have only gotten better with each
Peter helped set up the donation bin as the soundcheck started. We were
privy to 40 minutes of the soundcheck before stealing away for the preshow party
The NAGNFC preshow party at the Yak Bar was unbelieveable. Of the 18 or so
people there, many came away with coveted prizes of cds from Gary's 1980
concerts in Adelaide and Brisbane. A fan of the NAGNFC, Phillip, presented me
with a tube of a large poster from the concerts. The local paper, The Age, had
a large write up and interview with Numan. The locals say The Age is
conservative and rarely gives such press to a visiting musician.
The show was memorable. 95% of the Numanoids had never seen Our Friend
Electric. I watched some girls cry happy tears for finally seeing their hero in
3-D. I gave Gemma a NAGNFC card during the performance.
The security staff told me they got the word from Gary that cameras and
even recorders were oky, unlike the recent Stray Cats performance there.
These were true fans who were insanely ecstatic Gary came all this way to
play for them. I was hoping they would get the chance to meet Gary after the
Gary seemed very happy and was smiling for everyone's photos. He asked me
how long I was staying in Australia. Peter is super happy with his picture with
him. He is staring at it as I type this.
I actually met a member of Yen after the show. They worked with Gary in
1990 on the song "Adrenalin".
This was all after midnight so we brought in Gary's birthday in style, even
singing to him as he came out to visit with us.
Thanks to everyone I met on this tour. This experience has been way better
than I could have hoped. The decision to return to Australia for any future
tours will be an easy one.
I gave myself some time to see the sights Down Under after the tour, so now
it's time to be a tourist. Thanks for reading and enjoy the insane amount of
updates from this tour when I get home the 1st of April.
Signing off from Oz.......

Re: Fourth NAGNFC Report From The Road: Melbourne

Well Jim it seems that the word "success" is one that can be proudly displayed along side this tour,so is another Australian tour a possibility,im sure the many fans would be more than ready to welcome Gary back.It sounds like you have made many new friends and picked up your fair share of souveniers,i look forward to emailing you on your return.Im glad the tour was a success and im glad it met your expectations (or even surpassed them )

Re: Fourth NAGNFC Report From The Road: Melbourne

Great to hear the concerts went well (and were building in quality. Do you think the Aussies would survive if they saw he good he was when he'd really warmed up with a full tour?). Roll on the riveting Chapters!

Re: Fourth NAGNFC Report From The Road: Melbourne

The ticket sales were very enthusiastic for Gary. This bodes well for another sponsorship by Civic Society for another, hopefully bigger, tour Down Under.