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Re: cause & effect?

First of all, I totally disagree with you, 'Cars' to me is a very sexual grimey and dirty song about sex in cars, right up their with 'More , More , More '.

For me, I found Numan when I needed him... When I first started listening to Numan at 13 his music did not change me as much as it helped me understand my position and gave me a feeling of safety in an uncomfortable world. I probably would have found another hero like Bowie or something, but Numan definitely changed how I look at music and maybe even the world. As silly as that sounds, I listened/listen to him so often (doing homework, on the computer, lounging, thinking) whatever that I would be totally silly saying that he didn't affect me a lot. And your view on the world can't be that skewed if you call it skewed yourself

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Got into Numan as a youngster,12 perhaps...was completely blown away.Realized immediately that "cars' was nothing more than a radio-jingle,in contrast to his other,deeper material.Here's what I've wondered,tho: Did my heavy-exposure to Numan-lyrics at such a young age have some kind of cause on my skewed view of the world?