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Re: Re: Favorite song on Pure?

He says 'Specialized mechanics in repairing the bitch' in The Image is I believe... Diverse is not a good way to describe pure, it is what I would call a 'solid rock' album that has no filler unlike the new NIN album which is what I call 'diverse' because it has so much junk on it.... Gary is returning to the days of Tubeway Army and not just singing about himself he is telling stories and I love that (Sacrifice is auto-biographical while Pure is more worldly both are brilliant)... WALKING WITH SHADOWS is brilliant, 'All they need is your pain to show, all they need is one tortured soul' it is beautifulllllll which is not how I describe much numan music

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Favourite song on "Pure"....

no contest!!!

Has to be the title track - PURE

I am still playing it to death.

I really enjoyed the live versions, as heard/see at the SF and LA shows in May 2001 - the keyboards were so much louder and clearer.

It actually is the third time Gary has used the word bitch in a song. I now one was "Slowcar to China"...forget the other at present.

G'day to Jim and the fans I met in California.

Keep smiling,

David Banks (from Sydney, Australia)

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So what's everyone's favorite song on Pure? It's a diverse album and lots of people have lots of different faves on it. So how 'bout it?