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Re: This Is New Love

I've always loved that song. In fact it was the first track from Berserker I ever heard. I have to admit though, for sheer brutal power I prefer "The Secret" or "Bererker", but "This is New Love" is surely one of my all time favorites.

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I love this song, and it seems no one else really has an affinity for it. It is one of the most unique songs on Berserker and sounds like not much else I've ever heard, 'We are strangers here, I suppose, We are not welcome, or so I'm told, We are not old friends, but believe this, WE CAN BE NIGHTMARES' .. I think that is a great lyric and it helps berserker break through as a concept album rather than a dance pop album. Also the S1 Mix available on NAGFC is superb and helps show how strong the song really is. Does anyone else like it?