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Re: Re: Strange X-files-type coincidences

Way back before the internet made it easy to keep up with Gary's carreer and releases I often dreamt about him...then would go down to my favorite record shop a couple of days later and there'd be a new record out.It took a few times until it dawned on me , but I got most of the 80's stuff that way ; once I took notice.

I also got my hands on the 1st biography in an odd way : on a strange whim I went into a bookstore which I NEVER visited : I went right to a section ( not even C for Coleman or N for Numan ), bent down and grabbed it off the shelf.

For the 2nd bio I picked up the paperback edition while seaching for novels.I began with the Star Trek line which are the first thing one sees on that floor: nothing there , so I went down the alphabet , checking all the authors I like , then went back to the Trek books for some reason.There it was : bottom right, middle of the shelf and VERY much evident.NO way could I have missed it a few minutes earlier.The bios are on the first floor, I was on the 3rd....I doubt it can get weirder than that....


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yes me and matey boy have so much in common...

we both wear pants,we both have boats[mine is biger and

more flash than his.]he wears a wig and I have one or

two myself..x

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Hi everyone!Being a huge fan of Gary Numan, it is tres' cool that him and I have a little in common. I've included them below. Does anyone else have any mysterious factoids about themselves and Gary Numan?

Fact One: Gary Numan's full name is Gary James Anthony Webb. My name is James, my brother's name is Anthony.

Fact Two: The Moog Synthesizer and Minimoog, which Gary thrust into mainstream consciousness, was created by Robert Moog here in Ithaca where I was born, raised and still live.

Fact Three: Howard Hughes, reclusive aviator and one of Gary's biggest influences is a direct relative of mine according to my grandmother on my father's side, Vina Hughes.