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Re: liverpool concert

What an awesome concert it was at the Lomax. It was our (my wife Lorna and I) first live concett, and the first time I have seen Gary numan live and in person in 23 years of being a devoted fan. The whole experience just got better by the second - loads of happy fans, the t-shirts, fantastic music including pure, i die you die and the new track exposure, not to mention oh didnt i say and we are so fragile. Wow. Goddam. Yeehah. Definitely going to the next one if I can. Glad you had a good time too. See you around sometime. Tara from North Wales. Andy and Lorna.

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saw the most awsome show at liverpools L2 last night.starting off with M.E it just got better,even a nifty version of morale and this wreckage.gary did us proud.