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Re: liverpool concert

hackney gig,lovely some doll porn photos

done infront of those multi coloured lights,another

chance to dress up in silly outfits.saw one guy looked

like he was going diving!?!Steve holding his stomach in

wearing a hip hugging satin skirt[bless him].David topless

as well!with a low slung lace up corset number and too much

mascara again lovey!!Adrian never revealing to much in public

went for a little slash neck number revealing just a kissable

amount of shoulder,aahh.And Gary with his very shiny bullet

proof vest.[if the lights hit it,it would blind you]doing

his cliff Richard dance moves,and vamping it up and all that

black hair...very Elvis!!

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Replying to:

saw the most awsome show at liverpools L2 last night.starting off with M.E it just got better,even a nifty version of morale and this wreckage.gary did us proud.