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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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NAGNFC Reports from the Road: Pleasure Principle 2009 Tour!

Hello to the Numanoids of the World! Excellent night in Cambridge! Scored some concert posters from the staff in the box office. The front row were all friends I'd met just then and from a long time ago.
After Gary came out to do the encore, Gary waited for the crowd to die down before making an announcement. He said there were 2 Australians and an American there tonight, and the next 2 songs were dedicated in honour of us.
I thought after so many Numan shows I'd seen it all. But to have Gary Numan play his music in honor of me was something I couldn't ever hope to wish for in my best dream my subconscious could offer.

All the best and Numanishly,
Jim "The Machman" Napier
North American Gary Numan Fan Club

Re: NAGNFC Reports from the Road: Pleasure Principle 2009 Tour!

Just woke up this morning in Norwich. Stayed at the Premiere Hotel here.
Instead of bar soap, there was a bottle attached to the shower wall marked
Shower/Shampoo Gel. Then below it said Shampooing Gel Douche. I didn't know if
it was another language or if it were calling me names! I'm grabbing the 11:00
to Wolverhampton where a friend is picking me up at the train station. I'll
meet Belinda from Australia. She's never been to England. Her and the
Australians Jane and Jono all said they were inspired by my adventures to make
the trek. What pressure, eh? If Numan doesn't deliver, it's on me! LOL!

Luckily the shows have been only incredible. If I know Gary, he is truly
enjoying these shows. He looks content and comfortable in the power of his
older music, and in the new tracks. He seems especially proud of his modern
requirking of The Fall.

The reports coming in about the relief of the band after the old songs worried
me. But having been front and center at all these shows I've been to, this is
only partially true. David actually features little expression during the show.
Very Rrussell Bell and VERY cool. If I squint I'd swear that Tim was Paul
Gardiner on bass, playing in his style, starkly emotionless as was Paul, save
for one Australian gig where Paul was drunk and would have fallen into the crowd
if not for the cord of his bass. It's nothing but truth that I have NEVER NEVER
heard Richard better. He is TIGHT and RAW within the confines of the Pleasure
Principle Tribute. Ade Fenton looks very much in his element. Any other
anamoly can be forgiven as he hasn't been at all well. Flu compounded with sea
sickness from Ireland has tallied an eventful trip for him. He remains friendly
to fans as always though when he have the opportunity to say hello.
Now CHRIS! Okay, I'll give you that one. I looked forward to Chris and his
one-note finger playing, looking comically out of his element. But I wasn't
prepared for the total fish-out-of-water asthetic we're getting from Chris. He
is normally expressionless during Numan's performances. So to see him so
animated and relieved after the early songs are done cannot help but be noticed.

But to just comment "The Band Looked Relieved After the PP Songs" couldn't be
farther from the truth.

To clarify on the Sunderland gig, because I know even diehards who skipped the
show as it was so far north: The venue was listed as 1500 capacity. There was
massive black space behind Gary for his video screen in front of the venue's
"CAMPUS" logo. I could only figure that they didn't want their logo to be
covered up during a performance, as is the policy of the chain of House of Blues
Gary plays in the States. But the place boasted a standing balcony which also
appeared full. Plenty of room.

My Sunderland friend's sister knew the owner of the place and we all scored the
VIP lounge upstairs after the show where we hung with some of the band before
Gary left to do an interview at a nearby hotel.

Norwich was a fun gig. The college campus gigs are always my favourite. Great
vibe, casual atmosphere and enthusiastic applause.

If the shows are like this in the small towns, I cannot begin to imagine the
manic energy London will subject me to. I can't imagine life being any better
than right now.

'Til the next report from the road, I'm gonna motor. See you at the shows!

Jim "The Machman" Napier

Re: NAGNFC Reports from the Road: Pleasure Principle 2009 Tour!

The Pleasure Principle Tour has been amazing. Gary dedicating his music for me was an amazing honour indeed. I don't believe he has ever dedicated his music to anyone if you don't count Paul Gardiner.

I jammed with Numan at the DVD filming in London last night. Very cool to see all the Numanoids who took the time to say hello to me. Chris Payne performed "Complex" and "We Are So Fragile". The show was unbelievable. Definitely one of the Top 3 shows I've seen by anyone ever.

I left the front doors to head to where the aftershow party went down last year. But then a good friend who is a mover and shaker in the media industry scored for me a black Numan backstage pass to the O2 VIP Lounge upstairs. Got to speak with bassist Tim and Gary's daughter Raven (very friendly little girl), then scored some pics with Rrusell Bell, Chris Payne, Gary and Gemma. The next chapters will be truly Riveting.

When that was over at 2 in the morning, I walked back into the empty hallways of the Millenium Dome to catch the bus to the hotel, ocassionally giggling as I walked, at the brevity that had just taken place. There's only one word to describe the last two weeks: WOW!

All the best and Numanishly,
Jim "The Machman" Napier
North American Gary Numan Fan Club