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The Blue Camel Grayed up Remix of Chapter 3

It was a day in October.

Prior to that, Jim and I had talked about what time to be there. I had something subsequently scheduled for the same day, and said so to Jim. Jim was clear that the latest he could leave would be 1:00 p.m., and it looked like I wouldn't be going, but it worked out at the end.

Jim was unhappy at 10:30 a.m. that day. Despite being a great driver, he was concerned he wouldn't be there in a timely manner.

But we made it there in good time. The Jay Thomas bit we heard first on the way to Boston.

The average age at the KFC was 18. It was loud and noisy. There was one table open, and I sat at it on one end. At the other end was a McDonald's bag. It has something in it. I didn't look and neither did Jim, who upon sitting down, suggested we head for the car.

The driver's license had slipped out of my wallet. The person working the door resisted letting me in, but relented.

Rasputina was OK, but I wasn't paying full attention. The drummer looked bored. They did a good cover of How Soon is Now.

There was a note on the setlist from Ade Fenton that said some songs may be removed from the setlist. Jim has a picture up of this on his chapter. Gary mentioned his voice and then said he was going to rely on the audience to sing those three songs.

They were Films, ME, and Engineers. The audience nailed the first two, but not the last. After the first verse of Engineers, Gary took the mic back, looked at somebody to his right in the audience and sang. I remember at one point he gave this comical shrug.

It was nice to see Steve playing for Gary again. His performance had two parts. The first part had him standing behind his keyboard, playing it stationary. The second part had him with his guitar moving around as I remember him. It almost reminded me of somebody at school being put in a corner and then later let out for recess.

I really liked Zulu. Afterwards, Jim was talking to one of the Rasputina members. It was really cold outside.

Overall, it was a decent show.

Re: The Blue Camel Grayed up Remix of Chapter 3

Loved the Grayed Up Riveting Chapter! It's really cool to get someone else's perspective of the show. What do you suppose was in that bag? Despite the danger and your missing ID, we enjoyed a great show! Look for the Boston and NYC Riveting Chapters tomorrow morning!


Re: The Blue Camel Grayed up Remix of Chapter 3

For some reason, neither of us had the courage to look in the bag. I was unable to speculate then and now.