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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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tributes to the trinity

Gary has completed his "classic album" tours and has released live albums in honor of each. As a fan answer to those celebrations of those three albums-- the trinity-- I've pulled together fan cover renditions of the songs on each album and compiled them onto cds I'd be happy to share with other Gary fans. Here are each of their track listings:

Me! I Disconnect From You - Reload
Are 'Friends' Electric? - Information Society
The Machman - George Carnival
Praying To The Aliens - Einar Ask & The Same
Down In The Park - Girls Under Glass
You Are In My Vision - Danger OD
Replicas - The Borg
It Must Have Been Years - Tubeway Andy
When The Machines Rock - FabRik
I Nearly Married A Human - MomoHaus

Airlane - RoboScott
Metal - DeathBoy
Complex - Flux Oersted
Films - Electronic Dream Factory
M.E. - Sensien
Tracks - FabRik
Observer - The Manitou
Conversation - Jon Bunting
Cars - The Girl Pool
Engineers (Void Remix)

This Wreckage - Fabrik
The Aircrash Bureau - Core
Telekon - Ireplicant
Remind Me To Smile - Young Things Don't Scream
Sleep By Windows - Liquidscreamer
I'm An Agent - Synthsound1
I Dream Of Wires - Tim Eilers
Remember I Was Vapour - Brainclaw
Please Push No More - Gary Hunter
The Joy Circuit - Sensien
A Game Called Echo - Audio Terrorist
We Are Glass - Richard James
I Die: You Die - Oval Project
Down In The Park (piano version) - Terre Thaemlitz
Trois Gymnopedies - Jagged Halo
Photograph - Blurredman

There's no fee for these; I can send them out to you by mail if you just email me with your postal address.

This is just my way of celebrating those classic albums and giving something back to the numanoid community that has so enriched my own life.


"We all live in the same museum
We all rearrange the same old song"