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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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Re: Aussie DVD fiasco

In the end Numan hired Red Ant and is therefor responsible to take action.

But my advise: after seeing your exchange with Michael... just stay out of it. it's not your argument, and with you sticking your nose into it, or trying to fight someone else battle, you're only causing more problems. And people - like Michael - will start to dislike Numan even more, because you are (now) seen as a meddling Numan-know-it-all.
You mean well, and it is nice of you to "step in" but you should stay out of it.

Re: Aussie DVD fiasco

Thank you for your reply, BigEars. The last time something like this happened on the NAGNFC, Gemma thanked me for "looking out for Gary" at the aftertour party upstairs at the London O2. This has inspired me to continue to set the record straight. As for my correspondence with Michael, you may want to follow your own advice and stay out of arguments that aren't yours. Unsolicited, Michael initiated queries and an exchange of ideas when he raped my screen with his popup words concerning his problem as I was on Facebook researching news for the site. Anyone else who simply replied to that would be guilty of the same crime you accuse me of. If, at any point, I was asked to stop, I would have. My closest friends know I don't intrude where not appreciated.