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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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What Is Going On - Part 2?

My final whinge is about the blinkered fawning over everything Gary does, says or likes. Let's take Officers first. What a totally forgettable bunch of tuneless noise they are. Seriously! Sound harsh? Well, let's ask the obvious questions. Does the singer have an instantly recognizable or distinctive voice? Nope. Do any of the musicians in the band stand out particularly, like say a Matt Cameron, Neil Peart, Geordie Walker, Kim Thayil, Lemmy or Jah Wobble? Erm...nope. Does anyone remember ANY of their melodies from the tour? Be honest now.

Then we have the automatic "best show ever" reaction just because it's Gary Numan. The strip LED lights and a projection screen HAS BEEN DONE TO DEATH, even by Gary himself. I realize Gary may not be as affluent as he once was and perhaps cannot afford to put on lavish shows like we saw for the Warriors tour, or Teletour or The Fury Tour, etc., but to say the recent DMF stage production was anything special is just plain wrong!

I could go on, but I'll leave it there. If you think I'm talking out my rear end, that's fine. Don't bother throwing insults like some spoilt 8 year old. If you disagree, put a counter argument together. I'd really like to know what others think, especially the older generation of fans since the newer crowd won't have the frame of reference or context to know what I'm whining about for the most part.