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The Machman "will be done in"

I have tried to maintain integrity and keep this a private matter, but since this woman has decided to go public with it, now ensuring everyone is talking about it, I am forced to respond with my side of events, since judgments are being made by those who choose to remain ill-informed about events since they never asked me what happened before speaking about me in public.

I will always fight for your right to have an opinion. Just at least make an effort to hear both sides before passing public judgment on someone. That way your opinions will be more informed. Most haven't bothered. Even those who otherwise have asked for my friendship on Facebook have been rather unfriendly about me in public places without giving me a chance to defend myself. That alone is impressive on so many levels.

No last names to protect those who started this, just first names here. Those who saw this as it happened can back me up if they want. Michael T-L asked for information about Gary Numan. Seizing an opportunity to plug the website, I said to Michael he could visit my lovingly-crafted site and be informed. The reply from this stranger was to "**** off" and "Why doesn't Gary Numan have this information?" This is because he has a family, a tour schedule and a rock career involving interviews and promotion. I'm happy to help Gary by helping him out and picking up the cause on my own site.

Michael T-L then crassly asked who the **** I was and if Gary condoned the confirmed news that I share with the world? I remained very amenable and polite by all accounts, and mentioned that Gary hasn't anything to the contrary about my news in 25 years, and even said I was his biggest fan on his Facebook. NAGNFC Readers without Facebook and Twitter (and there are many) won't know what Gary said as I am too humble to ever make a big deal about what Gary said about me on the NAGNFC. Was a bit embarrassing to receive that much attention to be honest. (Although I will mention it during the NAGNFC's big 25th Anniversary in November!).

Michael T-L became ever more unnecessarily irate than before, accusing me of talking down to him. I asked him why he would ask for someone's credentials if he didn't want to hear the answer after all. I admittedly then called him a "very strange person" as a result. This would be more true than could've known.

This is when Caz (again no last names) intervened to stick up for Michael T-L. After the conversation, and without telling me what I was doing wrong for trying to help Numan fans be better informed, she said I need to stop answering Michael T-L's questions since Michael T-L was very ill. I couldn't possibly know this beforehand, and anyway, I was the one called names like "Prick" and told to **** off, which I did. I responded much kinder than anyone else in the situation of being called names for trying to help Numan's fans be better informed, which is probably what I do best to be honest.

I mentioned to Caz in private about the fact that she had been trying to stir things up on my Facebook wall for 3 days. I did take the high ground and ignored it, but she persisted and now people were arguing when there was no reason at all.

She didn't stop, but escalated how terrible I was to her friend online, though the name-calling and F-words were only one-sided, toward me. It was at that point when I gathered she wasn't a very nice person and that people should know better than to engage her in conversation if this is Caz's persistent logic, and would tell people.

Caz then blocked me and started a massive campaign that involved a promise to "do him in" including threats such as:

Caz KikAss I think he's heading for trouble at Hammersmith. So I hope he has his supporters around him. X
7 hours ago · Like

I wasn't even going to mention it here, except that I received an anonymous letter today involving 7 pages of screenshots of the threats and what was said about me by Caz and by those who otherwise call me 'friend'. Just have to say at this point I was devastated by this. For 25 years, I've tried to keep my fellow Numan fans informed with the latest news. There are presently tour dates on the NAGNFC you won't even find on Numan's site or anywhere. I found Numan's new DVD movie for nearly half-price for fans around the world, and we've arranged for everyone to be cordially invited into a North American Gary Numan Fan Club group to be admitted into the Calgary show like VIPs for no extra charge (more details in the September update). So I'm not sure where all the hate comes from, from Numanoids I've served for 25 years. Others have chimed in with their guesses. Just after it happened, Caz and Michael T-L were deleted by the admins (The Joy Circuit group is Joyful again!), and I received these comments:

"Hi Jim .I see you were taking some flack on the joy circuit site last night(thread deleted) I don't understand why some people attack others,I think it's bor

Re: The Machman "will be done in" (Part 2)

"Hi Jim .I see you were taking some flack on the joy circuit site last night(thread deleted) I don't understand why some people attack others,I think it's born out of jealousy because you have a great relationship with Mr Numan and have done everything over many years to help promote Gary and his work. I'm sure as you know that work is seen as valuable by almost everyone throughout the Numan community be it "Brit" or anyone else..keep up the great work!
take care JD"

RN said: "Dont follow groups on FB so dont know what was going on, but I'm jealous of the time and effort Jim has for GN but thats the style of life I have chosen (big family, slave driven work) but am grateful that with the internet Jim is able to share his experiences so freely (not showy). So as John says keep up the great work ( and update NAGNFC every week!)"

JB said: "Keep up the brilliant work Jim the website and all the amazing photos...x"

SH said: "Jim I had only met you this past tour in line at Chicago, I enjoy your ability to capture the moments I have had so few of. Is great"

LDV said: "Ignore the negative Jim, most of us really appreciate your work. I think you get these comments out of envy & jealousy. I can't do what you're doing, with wife, kids, mortgage, killing job and so on, and I am "positively jealous" so I think you deserve it all and we are lucky you are willing to share all this. Forever grateful!

JL said: "Best site ever for me been a fan since 1978 so keep it up"

I replied: "Thank you Luc (and all)! Numanoids aren't really a mainstream large group like Beiber fans. We need to stick together and help each other in the spirit of kindred mutual fandom for Our Friend Electric!"

And to all the friends who didn't bother to hear my side of things first before trashing me in public, I said: "May the light of your attractive countenance see you through the future with love, kindred spirit and wishes of luck in all you endeavor. It was a pleasure to call you friend."

When I received the anonymous letter about Caz, I was going to include a disclaimer to take it with a grain of salt, since I hadn't confirmed any of the details in the letter. However, during a cursory search of various forums, others are saying the same thing about her:

"Dear Jim

I would like to keep my details anonymous, but please do as you wish with the following info Honey. Do you remember that Numanoid who died called Lee. Well Caz stole some of the Records left for someone else in Lee's Will. She's not disabled as she claims. A lot of people have called her a Benefits Fraudster. If you dig deep you may find a lot on her as Photos of her running about only recent. Her friend Wendy F Blocked me because she's a nasty piece of work, she has said things about you. Please find attached a word doc with Caz's screen prints insulting you.

"Caz (Caroline F) is a very Jealous Woman and very dishonest. She spends her life putting people down. She's had run in's with many known London Fans. Some she hides from and runs off from at pre-meets before Gigs because the lies she has said.
She owed the Numanoid named in Lees will quite a few box's of Lee's Records but only gave have him a fraction of the Records. How anyone can do such a thing is disgusting. It's not well known info but these records we're meant for a young Numan Fan not sure of his name but a lot of people have been saying this. And people I have known for years who I trust. She probably hates the fact you are such a loyal fan and have met Gary so many times. But considering she has never worked in her life and expects everyone else to buy her tickets for shows their is no excuse for her ****** and vile behavior."

In the interest of both sides being told, I have included some of the screenshots I've been given from what she and others have said about me in public without hearing my side of the story. Feel free to download them here. You'll g

Re: The Machman "will be done in" (Part 3)

In the interest of both sides being told, I have included some of the screenshots I've been given from what she and others have said about me in public without hearing my side of the story. Feel free to download them here. You'll get an idea of what we're dealing with when you note she even threatens her own friends with a vengeance should these screenshots become public. Others were so frightened of her, that I could only receive these documents anonymously.

Thank you to the Numanoids of the World for returning the favor and keeping me informed as well.

And in true style of the ISIS insurgents in Iraq, threats of death are used to gain one's own ends against another American journalist. I just didn't expect such violence to emanate from the UK as well.

All the best and Numanishly,
Jim "The Machman" Napier
North American Gary Numan Fan Club

Re: The Machman "will be done in" (Part 4)

P.S. And still it continues. Chris L claims to be a friend of Michael L-T and told me to back off. When I asked what I did to his friend aside from directing him to a site to be better informed, Chris actually accused me of copy-and-pasting the conversation with Michael L-T and I on various occasions. I told him that was incorrect. That I actually deleted the original thread after Caz told me how ill he was. And added if I wanted the thread to be seen, I would put it on my site for 500 readers a day to enjoy. When asked, Chris couldn't even produce a copy of the conversation, despite my request for a copy since he claims I've copy-and-pasted it on various occasions. No one has it. I deleted it. But instead of apologizing for doing the opposite of what he accused me of (by deleting the original thread so no one sees it), he has fallen silent. Even when I asked Chris how I was rude to his friend in the first place. He couldn't tell me that either. This is a prime example of what I am dealing with. Feel free to block Chris. Either he is a troublemaker or has bad info. Either way, he has fallen silent when pressed to back up his accusations. Block away! Adding the Part 4 of this episode to my NAGNFC Forum post now so my readers know what I am dealing with.