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Genevieve Message Page
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Want to buy a copy of Genevieve

Help! My father loved Genevieve when it was in theaters and I would love to be the one who finds it for him! Please, does anyone know where I can buy a copy, vhs or dvd?

Writing From Georgia, USA

Re: Want to buy a copy of Genevieve

Genevieve is available on both DVD and VHS. Unfortunately the DVD is a Region 2 DVD (Europe)and will only play on region 2 players or multi region players. The retailer you bought the dvd player from should be able to tell you if your dvd player is a multi region player or can be programmed to allow the playing of region 2 dvds.
The VHS casette is a PAL casette and doesnt play on US VHS players.

You can get the DVD on (note it is site). They will ship to the US. there are two Genevieve DVDS. There is both a standard and a special edition. For the little extra the special edition costs it is woth getting as it has an interview with Dinah Sheridan.

Writing From London

Re: Re: Want to buy a copy of Genevieve

This may be a bit too late now, but there are usually copies of the film on both video and DVD on eBay, and they go for reasonable prices. There are often also models on there - I've found Matchbox Spykers and Airfix Darraqs, as well as Charbens. (See the models page for pictures of all these)


Writing From English Midlands