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Why Pangbourne?

Difficult one this! Genevieve's occupants are waylaid by an elderly gentleman on their approach to Westminster Bridge. He mentions Pangbourne. The village is also mentioned in The Ladykillers. William Rose wrote the screenplay for both films. What was his connection, (if any), with Pangbourne?

Writing From Pangbourne

Re: Why Pangbourne?

Yes, why Pangbourne? When Terry Thomas mentions his brother-in-law in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" by saying somethiong like "An absolute rotter, lives in Pangbourne." Did William Rose have anything to do with that film too?

Re: Re: Why Pangbourne?

Interesting! I looked-up "Its A Mad...World" on and learnt that Tania Rose is credited as the writer of the screenplay. I understand William Rose is no longer alive, but a family member might be in a position to answer the question. Is there anybody out there related to William or Tania Rose?

Writing From Pangbourne