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Radiator cap

In the early part of the movie John Gregson starts to service "Genevieve" as Kenneth Moore looks on just after "Ambrose" has made his first appearance. Why does "Alan" try to pour water into the radiator without removing the radiator cap. In the scene a bit earlier he is holding the water can with the spout up against the radiator cap, but in this scene he actually pours... and of course the water runs all over the outside of the radiator. Gregson looks satisfied that the radiator is now full and puts the can down.

I know he wasn't a driver at the start of filming, but even a child knows to open a container before trying to fill it!

Lots of quaint errors in this film... for instance why isn't there a waterfall of fuel pouring out of the carburetor as soon as "Ambrose" steals the float? There should be a rather large pool of "petrol" under that car.

Off subject, has the DVD version become available in a format readable in USA?

Thanks, Terry

Writing From Northern California, USA