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Re: Re: Re: US DVD

I have to confess I am not sure.

When a dvd player is distributed the importer or the distributor sets up the machine as to which region the machine will be "residing in" - this permanentely (I believe) sets a chip inside the machine.

The retailer you bought it from will be able to tell you what their machines are set up as.

I think some hi fi / electronics shops are able to chnage the machines coding to multi region for a small fee.

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Thank you for giving me the information. Do you know how I can find out if I have a multiple region player?


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Replying to: dont stock it but have a Region 2 ( Europe) dvd. I believe you can play this in the US providing you have a multi region player (not region 1)

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I am looking for a dvd copy of Genevieve in USA. Does anyone know if the film is available in the US? Please e-mail me if you know where I could get a copy.

Thank you

Writing From London