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Genevieve Message Page
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"NEW" Genevieve photo

I hate to disrupt this lively discussion, but I just happened on to a "new" photo which I thought would be of interest to all.

I have posted it on my web site. If you are reading this some years from now it will likely be gone from my site.

The photo is of all four cast members and the two cars side by side. The costume is consistant with that used for the scenes from the day of the Brighton run, not the "race day". The photo shows the men in their cars and the women trying to pull them off of the cars. This was not an image in the film so it is either a publicity still, a scene omitted from the film, or perhaps a shot taken between actual filming takes.

The print was found in a 1963 Hamlyn Publishing Group book "Veteran and Vintage Cars" by Peter Roberts.

Writing From Grass Valley, Calif., USA