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Genevieve Message Page
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video of the movie GENEVIEVE

Hi I am trying to obtain a copy of a video of this wonderful movie that I first saw when I was a small boy.Now that I am well into my fiftys i have an urge to see it again.If any one can give me some leads I would be very grateful.I understand that the system used in NewZealand is PAL.Thanks in anticipation of a positive result.
Keith Cumming
PS I am willing to pay reasonable money for a copy of the video.

Writing From NewZealand

Re: video of the movie GENEVIEVE

Genevieve is widely available on VHS - is there amazon in NZ ?

They or another large video retailer should stock it.

Writing From London

Re: video of the movie GENEVIEVE

Check this link. Amazon in the UK will deliver to New Zealand and the tape is cheap!