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The Name Severia


I have been researching my great grandmother's middle name, Severia, and the web led me to your site because of your daughter's name. My family came to the States from Poland around 1900. I have not been able to find any information on the name. From what my family members tell me it means "servant of God" in polish tradition and is pronounced se-vair-e-uh. My wife and I are having a daughter in August and would like to honor my great grandmother, but I would just like to know more about the name. If you could offer me any insight, I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time and good luck with your travels.

Best Wishes,


Re: The Name Severia

Hello Steve,
The name is actually spelled "Severija" in Lithuanian language but I have chosen to use the Norwegian spelling without "ij" in her Norwegian passport. The origin is the same as "Severin", "Xavier" and "Javier". In 'Lietuviu vardu kilmes zodynas' (Lithuanian name dictionary) the name is described as from Latin "Severina" or "Severinas" and with the meaning "serious, earnest, strict, severe, stern". (Her second first name is "Grethe" (meaning "pearl").
Regards, Jan