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GeoSite's Feedback Page
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Israel-Lebanon border

Dear Jan,

thank you for your interesting site. I also am preoccupied with borders (although, it seems, less obsessed than you...), this was for me one of the reasons to come and live in Berlin, before the unification. But this is another story.

I am particularly interested in the border Israel-Lebanon, because I have a very strong tie to the small town Metulla, on the Israeli side. I would like to keep out the political aspect of this bog. I feel myself as a cosmopolitan and I am interested in people and places. As a photographer, one of my projects for the near future is going there and photographing this wonderful town, and the border is surely one of the main aspects of it. Your photos "from the other side" are very interesting to me. Have you been there as a UNIFIL-soldier? Can you tell me more about this? Is there any way you can send me some more (and better resolution) than those posted?

Greetings from Berlin and thank you,
Sergej Horovitz

Re: Israel-Lebanon border

Hello Sergej,
unfortunately I do not have any better resolution of the photos, nor do I have more of them.
Yes, I was a Unifil soldier (1987-1990).
Regards, Jan