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GeoSite's Feedback Page
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Welcome to Madha Sign

On the Madha page (, you note that the Madha welcome sign does not mention Oman in the English. While this is true, it does, in fact, mention Oman in Arabic. "Oman" is located just to the left of the circular map depicting the Musandem peninsula. To the right of the map is the name "Madha." Thus, reading right to left as Arabic readers do, you have "Madha, Oman."


LCDR Mike Beidler
US Navy Foreign Area Officer

Re: Welcome to Madha Sign

Embarrasingly enough, I have to correct myself, as my Arabic is a bit rusty. What I thought read "Madha" actually is the Arabic word for "sultante." Sorry for the confusion!

Re: Re: Welcome to Madha Sign

It says Sultanat Oman. To the right of the circle it says Sultanat and to the left it says Oman.