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San'kovo Medvez'e

Always enjoyed your website. Have visited all the European enclaves except San'kovo Medvez'e in Belarus. Two years ago I finally got to Belarus but did not try to find the S/M enclave since I had spent a lot of time talking to the Belarussian embassy and found they had no knowledge of the enclave. They finally located it on the same map that you show on your web page. But they had little interest other than commenting, "Interesting". Have you any information whether that enclave is recognized today by the governments of either Belarus or Russia?

Re: San'kovo Medvez'e

If the border of the Russian Federation would change I think we would learn about that in the news. But the enclave is found on the map Belarus' 1:750.000 published by Trivium on 2 Oct 2004, where it also says the map is copyrighted by the Geodetic and "Kartografii" committe of Belarus Government 1997-2005.
According to on Russian Wikipedia we read today:

Sankovo-Bear - enclave (exclave), administratively belongs to the Bryansk region, surrounded on all sides by the territory Dobrush district of Gomel region of Belarus.

Villages Sankovo and Bear were organized by Russian immigrants, who purchased at the beginning of XX century land Bear Dubrava and Sanin Glade, an area of about 4,5 km ² (454 hectares) from a local landowner Shvedova.

In 1926, with the elimination of Gomel province, the area was attributed to Novozybkov county Bryansk province of the RSFSR. From the enclave to the border with Russia - about 800 meters impassable swamps.

During the Great Patriotic War, the villagers went to the guerrillas, and settlements were almost completely destroyed by German fascist invaders. After the war the number of inhabitants of the enclave more than 500 people, but after the Chernobyl accident area was one of the most polluted. By the beginning of 1990 in the enclave had lived less than 100 people . In the XXI century, the territory has no permanent population, in 1999 abolished and municipalities themselves. Nevertheless, this area still belongs to the urban settlement Vyshkovskomu Zlynkovskogo district of the Bryansk region (postal code - 243622).

The enclave is found a large Cretaceous deposits .