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GeoSite's Feedback Page
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Hey, congrats on your very interesting site! Let me modestly suggest something to improve it, then. I take it that when you visited Galicia you got most of your information from some irredentist Portuguese or very nationalist Galician, who are of course very respectable.
This shows in your statement that "As a variant of the former common Galician-Portuguese language, it is more logical or appropriate to use an orthographic norm (for galician) closer to Portuguese" and that "The Bloque Nacionalista Galego (Galician Nationalist Block, left-wing) is nowadays the second party in Galicia".
The real reality for most of us Galicians is that Portuguese and Galician diverged 8 centuries ago, (longer than your Scandinavian tongues) so adapting our extremely different pronunciation to the Portuguese spelling does not sound logical for most of us, no matter how related both languages are (what about a written Norswedanish, for example, or just a Nyboknorsk, not to go further?).
On the other hand, with the exception of ONE single election in 1997, the BNG is and has always been the third political party in Galicia behind the PP or the PSOE, the national Spanish parties (I know for foreigners it sounds romantic to 'help' 'oppressed' peoples, but, you know, most of us consider ourselves Spanish, period). In the last elections it got a mere 16% of the vote, and it keeps on the decrease.
Lastly, your statement that "The Xunta has been always ruled by the Spanish Popular Party", which has selected the 'ilogical' Galician. Has it ever come to your mind that if the PP has 'ruled' our government is because we Galicians have voted for it to do so? Is it that difficult to get that, in a democratic country (I know, it sounds as an exotic idea to you, a democratic country outside Scandinavia??), the government usually follows the wishes of the population, or is otherwise debunked by them? Again, your opinions are very respectable, but I'm afraid in your visit to Galicia someone took you for a nice ride, and you even published it :-)

Re: Galicia

This text is written by Mr Francisco Santos from Portugal, not by me.