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Great website - some comments

I didn't know there is a real community of border-freaks!
I have many pictures of borders and border crossings. Maybe I'll put them on the web soon.

Wikipedia is accurate about the Kiari exclave. The main road from Yerevan to southern Armenia is running through it. We drove through without noticing anything special.
I can send you the GPS logfile if you like.
The former crossing to Nachichevan is not far from there. An unpleasant place with barricades and funk holes. I took a picture from the distanke and turned around quickly.
A more interesting place in this area is Karabakh. It's a unique experience to drive to Stepanakert through the "corridor" and look over to Azerbaijan from destroyed Agdam.

Plates of Büsingen with a Z are for cars that were imported tax free into Switzerland. It's possible to hold this status for a maximum of two years.

Re: Great website - some comments - by dave mannix - Aug 2, 2010 6:06am
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