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Croatian Exclave in Slovenia

I really enjoy your website, especially enclave/exclave part.

I want to point on one , small exclave Croatia has in the Slovenian territory. Exclave with three houses is situated in village Brezovica Žumberačka (HR) or Brezovica pri Metliki (SI).

Were is map showing this exclave:,ZU,LPIS_200,LPIS_210,LPIS_310,LPIS_320,LPIS_410,LPIS_421,LPIS_422,LPIS_423,LPIS_424,LPIS_490,LPIS_900&map_x=406932&map_y=5062096&map_sc=7142


Re: Croatian Exclave in Slovenia

Thank you very much for the comments!
I am aware about the strange borders in Brezovica. It seems that is is no real true Croatian exclave because the small area appears to be connected to the motherland by a very thin corridor, most likely a (former) road. Still this corridor partly follows a road, but the northwestern part penetrates a building. Therefore it is a (2.4 Class) pene-enclave/exclave.
I chose to believe the map is inaccurate drawn.
After the exclave area of Baarle I think Brezovica is the most special border area in Europe.