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GeoSite's Feedback Page
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I'm a Brit living and working in Cyprus, but a couple of points you have wrong.

1)The main one! Cyprus IS in the EU and the Eurozone but it is NOT yet in the Schengen area. It is scheduled to join in 2016. Travel netween Cyprus and Schengen states still requires showing a passport (or an EU state ID card). There is no Schengen area at either airport and flying from Schengen countries you use the non Schengen part of their airports.

2) Turkish Cypriots are entitled to a Cypriot passport and as such do NOT need a visa of any kind to enter southern Cyprus if they choose to get one. Turkish settlers in the North are considered by the republic to be there illegally and are not entitled to travel to the Republic at all.

3) One thing I havn't seen mentioned on your site, all of the ports and airports in the occupied region are considered closed by the Republic of Cyprus and are therefore considered illegal points of entry. However EU citizens will still be allowed across buffer zone crossings into the South, but non-EU citizens who have a TRNC stamp in their passorts rather than a Republic of Cyprus one may or may not be.

One of the most interesting borders (IMO) on the island is the road between Dhekalia and Ayia Nik. You have a nice piece about it. I go along it a few times a year as I'm involved with a civilian rugby side that plays in the same league as the Aya Nic Stags. I have a video on youtube that I took on this road. If you wish to link to it or embed to it you are more than welcome.