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Making a Soft Pretzel.

I searched in google for a recipe and came to this site's recipe hope it turns out delicious. I just felt like eating a soft pretzel after eating the miniture hard baked ones, and going to the mall for just a soft pretzel fix is out the question hahah.

Re: Making a Soft Pretzel.

You won't be disappointed... mailing a pretzel wouldn't work too well for you anyway because they need to be eaten soon after baking. A courier service might bet them to you over night, but even then they wouldn't be as nice as fresh-baked.

Re: Making a Soft Pretzel.

Made these this afternoon. They are more than great. So yummy and easy and fun to make. Thank you.

Re: Re: Making a Soft Pretzel.

You are welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed making and eating them!

Thanks for taking the time to let me know!