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Welcome to our message board. Feel free to post a message or topic for discussion. Flamming or derogatory comments about other clubs will not be tolerated. Please be respectful or your post will be deleted and your IP banned from further posts. This is an area were we can have an open discussion about motorcycles and veterans issues.

Military Veterans Motorcycle Club Message Board
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World Vets Meeting 2006

The Army Vets MC present the WORLD VETS MEETING 2006 in Naunhof, Leipzig,Germany, 25Aug-27Aug.
Everey Military club is invited. We have: a pick up service Airport leipzig- Party Place, Paint Ball(Gotcha),Special czeck Strip, Happy Hour, guided Tour,Live Music,Shopping mile,Tattoo, Piercing, Food, cold drinks, Special german beer, and more. For more information click the link
Hope to see you on this great event.